With over fifteen years experience in the retail automotive industry the Advertising Boss shares your perspective about Automotive Advertising for YOUR DEALERSHIP.

If you were to mention things that your digital coach needs to provide you as an automotive dealership the list would be long and would include some very simple starting points.

Simple things like: Dont call about your digital advertising plan for the month on the first day of the month, and while you are at it, leave me off your call list the last day of the month too; Dont send me reports that are only about map views, VDP’s, and clicks, give me attribution numbers and prove it; Dont try and sell me on how your plan is Turn Key Coop eligible because that does not matter if your solution does not sell cars; and if I say that I want something done differently than your cookie cutter, all size fits all dealerships plan, do it my way, IT IS MY DEALERSHIP.

The point is: The Advertising Boss needs to be on YOUR DEALERSHIP’s marketing team.

Call today and let’s talk (as long as it not the first or last day of the month!).